MRP 4.0 – Mixed Reality Production for Industrie 4.0

Mixed Reality systems for cross-site production in INDUSTRIE 4.0

Researchers at DFKI present Mixed Reality Production 4.0, a new form of multiple site Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). Through the support of mixed reality and virtual reality systems, it is possible for employees at one location to work together with robots and colleagues in another location, to handle hazardous materials in a flexible manner. Adaptable and trainable lightweight robots are most suitable for this form of Human-Robot Collaboration.

Mixed reality systems, in combination with HoloLenses, enable the manipulation of objects in a three-dimensional virtual representation of the collaborative scenario in real time. This can be demonstrated with a live connection to the Innovation Laboratory for Human Robot Collaboration in Industrie 4.0 at DFKI Saarbrücken.

The demonstration above shows how the user can interact with the robots by watching a virtual representation of the target object and, through gestures, trigger the required actions by the robot. The operator controls the activities in a mixed reality environment (HoloLens) by means of gestures. The robots execute the commands, grasp and move objects to a tray or table mounted on the logistics robot. The above demonstration shows how objects are safely transported between the lightweight robots. The aim here is to achieve the standard of error-free robot action in some remote “hazardous material” scenario. This technology can be applied for tele manipulation of robots within the immediate vicinity a well as for tele manipulation of robots in locations all around the globe.

Practical application areas in an industrial manufacturing context are remote maintenance, telepresence, teleproduction and teleoperation as well as Human-Robot Collaboration.

Project Sheet: MRP 4.0 (Deutsch)

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